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A decorated single bed dorm room


Below are the semester rates for housing at UNC Charlotte. Rates include rent, utilities (including internet, cable and laundry) and membership in the Resident Students Association (RSA).

Meal plan rates can be found on the Dining Services website. Please note that all first-year students, no matter where they live, and all residents of traditional and suite style housing are required to select a meal plan. Apartment residents may choose a meal plan, but they are not required to have one.

2023-2024 Semester Rates


Sanford HallDouble Occupancy$3,380
Sanford HallSingle Occupancy$4,550
Holshouser HallDouble Occupancy$3,445
Holshouser HallSingle Occupancy$4,640
Scott HallDouble Occupancy$3,445
Scott HallSingle Occupancy$4,640
Phase XVI (opens August 2023)Double Occupancy$3,775


Belk Hall3 Person/3 Bedroom$4,895
Hawthorn Hall 4 Person/2 Bedroom$4,335
Hickory and Cedar Hall2 person/2 bedroom$4,600
Hickory and Cedar Hall4 person/2 bedroom$4,250
Holshouser Hall4 person/2 bedroom$4,335
Hunt Hall4 Person/2 Bedroom$4,690
Hunt Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom$4,895
Laurel Hall4 Person/2 Bedroom$4,690
Laurel Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom$4,895
Laurel Hall3 Person/3 Bedroom $4,895
Laurel Hall2 Person/2 Bedroom$5,150
Levine Hall4 Person/2 Bedroom$4,690
Levine Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom$4,895
Levine Hall3 Person/3 Bedroom$4,895
Levine Hall2 Person/2 Bedroom$5,150
Levine Hall1 Person/1 Bedroom$5,200
Lynch Hall4 Person/2 Bedroom$4,690
Lynch Hall4 Person /4 Bedroom  $4,895
Miltimore Hall3 Person/ 3 Bedroom$4,895
Miltimore Hall2 Person/ 2 Bedroom$5,150
Miltimore Hall1 Person/1 Bedroom$5,200
Oak Hall 4 Person/2 Bedroom$4,335
Oak Hall 2 Person/2 Bedroom$4,690
Wallis Hall 4 Person/4 Bedroom $4,490
Wallis Hall 2 Person/2 Bedroom $4,690
Witherspoon Hall 4 Person/2 Bedroom$4,335


Elm and Pine Halls4 Person/4 Bedroom$4,795
Belk Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom$5,255
Belk Hall1 Person/1 Bedroom$5,510
Levine Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom$5,255
Martin Hall 4 Person/4 Bedroom$5,255
Miltimore Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom$5,255
Wallis Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom $4,795
Witherspoon Hall4 Person/4 Bedroom$4,795


Independent Houses1 Person/1 Bedroom$4,590
Sorority Houses1 Person/1 Bedroom$4,540*

*Sorority house residents are assessed an additional $49 Greek House fee through the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life as a separate transaction. This fee is built into the Independent House rate and is not charged separately.