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Resident Feedback

photo of Nia Thomas-wells smiling
"I decided to live on campus to get the whole college experience. Since it's my freshman year, I thought it would be best to live on campus to get to know where everything is and have connections with people." -Nia
photo of Halle White smiling
"Some advice I have for incoming students would be to LIVE ON CAMPUS! It has been the best decision that I have made; it allows you to get more involved and you will always know what is going on. I have had friends that live off-campus who ask me how I always know what is going on on-campus and it is truly because I live on campus and have the benefit of more access." -Halle
photo of Sal Deandrea smiling
"The best part of living on campus is the people I have met while living here. Being a freshman, everyone was in the same boat the first couple of weeks in the feel of being alone and not knowing people. Being able to meet people on my floor and in my hall helped ease that feeling quickly." -Sal
photo of Maggie McDonald smiling
"The best part of living on campus is the access. I know that no matter what time my class is, I am at most 15 minutes away and I can get there no problem. I think another benefit of living on campus is you feel safe and that someone is always looking out for you." -Maggie
photo of Najee Tidmore smiling
"The reason why I decided to live on campus vs off campus is because it is cheaper to have a 4 bedroom suite on campus than it is to have a 4 bedroom apartment off campus and I'm a lot closer to classes and student services." -Najee
photo of Kathryn Sears smiling
Meet new people
"I believe the best part about living on campus is the ability to participate in tons of social events. For example, my hall has tons of social events, from movie nights to tie-dying. Regardless of the event, it's great to be able to network with others in your building and meet new people." -Kathryn
photo of Livy Delage smiling
"I think the best part about living on campus is being close to everything. I can walk to all my classes, the dining halls, the gym, etc. I never have to worry about hitting traffic on the way to campus or not being able to get to campus." -Livy
photo of Akaya White smiling
"I decided to live on campus to push myself out of my comfort zone and leave home. Also, to be immersed in a different environment with people in the same phase of life as me. I saw living on campus as an opportunity to make life-long friendships, connections, and to be able to have the ability to be independent and have an in-person college experience." -Akaya
photo of Daniel Acree smiling
Make Charlotte Home
"I decided to live on campus instead of living off campus, because this was my first semester at Charlotte, and I felt that I had the best opportunity to meet other students and have the convenience and ease to get involved in different organizations, and fully immerse myself into niner nation by living on campus. Living on campus has helped make Charlotte feel more like home!" -Daniel
photo of Abby Berrier smiling
"The best part of living on campus is being involved and in the loop with what’s going on on-campus. I’m so close to everything that I can walk anywhere on campus. Also, it helped me get familiar with the campus very quickly!" -Abby