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Health and Safety Inspections

All campus residences will be inspected at least once each semester and summer term to ensure compliance with health and safety standards. Residents will be given 48 hours notice regarding the approximate date and time the Health and Safety inspections will occur. Students are required to allow University officials to enter their residences for these inspections and follow-up visits. Staff conducting the inspections will lock all doors when leaving the room, suite or apartment. Be sure to carry your keys to avoid being locked out.

The entire living area will be inspected. In the suites and apartments, particular attention will be given to the bathroom, kitchen and other common living areas. Residents who do not pass the inspection will be given 48 hours to make the necessary changes. If the second inspection results in a failure, each resident will be assessed a $25.00 charge and any labor charges to correct the deficiencies. Subsequent failures may result in additional charges and a referral to the student conduct system and/or cancellation of a resident¬ís housing contract.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to schedule a special health and safety inspection of any residential unit and/or public area space if the condition warrants concern. Written appeals regarding health and safety inspections should be sent to the Housing Facilities Office. The first review will be completed by the REC of the hall/area. The second review will be conducted by the Associate Director for Maintenance Operations. If you have any questions about a health and safety inspection, please contact your REC directly or email

Examples of Health and Safety Violations

  • General lack of cleanliness (excessive trash, dirty kitchen or bathroom areas, etc.).
  • Placement of common area furnishings in a student¬ís room, suite or apartment.
  • Possessing prohibited appliances and/or grills.
  • Extension cord with more than one device plugged into it and without a power strip.
  • Storing of trash on balconies of apartment areas.
  • Policy violation found during inspection (pets, alcohol, etc.). *Observed policy violations will also be documented and may result in disciplinary action.



Use oven cleaner on inside of oven only (Easy-Off or Mr. Muscle oven cleaner) then simply scrub and rinse.


Wipe and clean with all-purpose cleaner; remove all moldy and spoiled food.


Tilex Soap Scum Remover. This is the best product to remove body oil and soap scum. It is not a disinfectant and you may want to use a spray disinfectant after using the Tilex. After shower is cleaned, spray with one of the after- shower sprays. Those shower sprays WILL NOT CLEAN your shower. This product can also be slippery so watch your footing.

Stove Tops

Use a degreaser on the top of the stove (409, Fantastic, Mean Green or Grease Lightning). Remove drip pans and use degreaser to clean pans and under pans (nylon scrubbing pads work best). Wipe front and the remaining area of stove with degreaser and rinse.

Toilets and Sinks

All-purpose cleaners can be disinfectants. Check the label to ensure this. Never use bowl mop or brush anywhere but in the bowl itself. If you clean the rest of the toilet with the mop or brush you will contaminate the rest of the toilet. After cleaning bowl, spray the fixtures lid, sides, base, tank and oor around toilet with a disinfectant spray cleaner. Let this product sit the recommended time (usually ten minutes) and wipe with paper towels. Wipe sinks in same manner.