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Why Live on Campus

Why Live on Campus?

Living on campus helps you build your foundation for success at UNC Charlotte. You’ll establish a support network of friends, classmates, and mentors while living in the heart of campus life. Here are a few reasons why you should live on campus:

Succeed Here.

National research indicates that living on campus contributes to greater overall satisfaction with and success in college. Our own research shows these national trends hold true at UNC Charlotte. This research shows that students living on campus:

  • students who live on campus are more likely to graduate on time (in 4 years) than their off-campus peers
  • are more likely to take advantage of academic resources available on campus
  • are more likely to return to UNC Charlotte after their first year and persist toward graduation

Connect Here.

Living on campus offers you a variety of ways to get connected to campus as well as with other residents. You’ll form study groups, join clubs and engage in sports and wellness activities. 6,000+ students live on campus. It won’t take long to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Grow Here.

Living on campus teaches you to live independently while still providing the support you need to grow as a person and adult. We provide residents with opportunities to grow as a leader and supply the tools needed to prepare for your future career.

Live Safe.

The safety and security of our residential students is of utmost importance. That’s why we keep our buildings locked 24/7. Key card access is restricted to residents of the building and authorized professional staff. In addition, extra security is provided by professional staff who live in each hall, security guards, security cameras and our own police department on campus.

Live Easy.

When you live on campus, you will find competitive prices for housing without the hassle of utility bills, first/last month’s rent or having to sublet your apartment over the summer. All of your bills, for each semester, are included in a single fee charged to your student account. Payment plans are also available through Niner Central to help you split up your payments into smaller installments.

Live Conveniently.

Living on campus puts you within walking distance of your classes, labs, libraries, theaters, concerts, art galleries and sports facilities. There are also a number of dining locations throughout campus, including traditional dining halls, convenience stores and specialty restaurants.

Live Supported.

Live-in hall staff, in addition to the staff who work in our main office, provide a web of support for students living on campus. This support has proven invaluable as students transition to campus and work to integrate themselves in the UNC Charlotte community.