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Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor (RA)


We've briefly reopened the Resident Advisor application for Fall 2022-Spring 2023 to meet specific residential community needs that are not met with our current alternate pool candidates. If you’re interested, apply now on eRezlife. The application closes on Wednesday, June 1 at 11:59 pm. 
If you have previously applied to the '22-'23 RA pool, you are not eligible for this re-opened application. Check out our '23-'24 application that will launch in October. 

Resident Advisors are responsible for carrying out the mission of the department by assisting with the development of community on their floors and within their hall(s). The RA is a student leader who lives in the residence halls, and is an integral position in the Department of Housing and Residence Life.The RA position has a variety of responsibilities including, but not limited to, role model, community leader, educator, administrator, helper and team member.

We are confident that the skills gained by our staff members are highly applicable to any future job endeavor and we are equally certain the RA position is one of the most unique, challenging and rewarding student positions offered on UNC Charlotte’s campus.

In order to better understand the Resident Advisor position, or if you are considering applying for future positions, PLEASE READ the job description and the Resident Advisor Work Agreement to better understand the responsibilities and expectations of this position. 

As a RA you will be responsible for creating community and a home away from home for our students. Primary responsibilities include getting to know each person in your community so you can be an effective peer helper when needed. Additionally you will focus most of your time on creating a community where everyone feels valued, safe and able to excel as a student.

Academic Success Plans

To ensure support for each RA’s academic success and to maximize opportunities for continuation of their employment, Housing and Residence Life (HRL) has implemented Academic Success Plans in partnership with the University Center for Academic Excellence (UCAE) for nearly four years. Student staff members who have fallen near or below the 2.5 GPA requirement for the RA position work collaboratively with their supervising Residence Education Coordinator (REC) and the UCAE to generate an individualized action plan to help navigate the entire following semester. 

How do Academic Success Plans (ASPs) work? Learn more here