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Graphic with the words Join the Home Team, be a resident advisor, as well as three photos of RAs

Resident Advisor Job Description

Resident Advisors (RAs) are part-time paraprofessional staff members of the Department of Housing and Residence Life who live in an assigned residential hall/area. RAs work closely with and are supervised by Residence Education Coordinators who also live and work in the residence halls. RAs serve as valuable campus resources and have many different responsibilities. RAs spend significant time getting to know their residents, building relationships with and among their residents, and serving as positive peer leaders. RAs also enforce community standards and University policies to maintain inclusive residential communities. Most importantly, RAs work hard to foster communities that are welcoming and conducive to living and learning. RAs are selected for their leadership potential, interpersonal abilities, positive and caring attitudes, and sense of responsibility.

While it is understood that the RA position cannot easily be translated into hours worked per day or week because of the unique nature of the responsibilities, the position requires a genuine personal commitment and a firm understanding of the varying demands of the actual time involved. As such, RAs need to be in their assigned hall/area an average of 20 quality hours per week, especially during the hours of 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM. Quality hours can be defined as, but not be limited to, time spent getting to know your residents, hosting social and community-building events, addressing resident and community concerns, and attending staff training or participating in committees or staff meetings.


Community Development

  • Build a positive and inclusive community
  • Cultivate intentional group and individual connections
  • Organize community building and social activities
  • Assist students in getting connected to campus organizations
  • Assist the Residence Education Coordinator with executing educational events

Role Modeling and Community Responsibility

  • Provide overall peer leadership to residents
  • Role model positive community standards
  • Adhere to University and Residence Life policies (e.g. Resident Handbook and Housing Contract) as well as state, local, and federal laws and ordinances 
  • Provide peer accountability for the Code of Student Responsibility
  • Refer and encourage students to utilize academic and student success resources on campus

Crisis Response & Building Management

  • Provide crisis response and crisis management 
  • Assist with opening and closing assigned residence hall each semester
  • Participate in on-call duty rotation (including weekends and some break periods) in assigned residential area
  • Respond to resident needs, facilities concerns, and emergencies
  • Manage residential facilities through inspections, rounds, and reports

Helping Skills

  • Assist students with personal, academic, and transition concerns
  • Encourage a cooperative and considerate living environment
  • Help resolve roommate or group conflicts that may arise
  • Role model academic success skills


  • Attend departmental functions, RA training sessions, and weekly meetings
  • Assist with special events like Open House and Admitted Students Days
  • Submit duty and incident reports as required 
  • Other duties as assigned

Minimum Job Qualifications 

  • Commit to being a Resident Advisor for the full academic year. 
  • Be a student in good university standing for the full Academic Year.
  • Possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the end of Fall Semester of the application process to be eligible to continue the process and must maintain during their employment a GPA of 2.5 semester and cumulative.
  • Resident Advisors are required to carry at least 9 undergraduate credit hours or 6 graduate credit hours but can carry no more than 18 undergraduate credit hours and 12 graduate credit hours unless prior approval is received.
  • Be available to attend training programs before the start of each Academic Semester and work end-of-semester responsibilities after exams are completed before departing from campus. 
  • Complete a housing application 
  • Purchase a meal plan if required by Auxiliary Services 
  • Hold the RA position as the principal non-academic commitment

Other Positions

Because the Resident Advisor position is time intensive, the department requires that Resident Advisor duties take priority over other commitments except for academic responsibilities. To be available to meet the needs of residents, Resident Advisors are expected to spend a significant amount of time in their rooms, on their floors, and in their building/area including nights and weekends. To help achieve this expectation, the department requires that Resident Advisors limit outside time commitments. When conflicts arise between Resident Advisor duties and other non-academic time commitments, Resident Advisor responsibilities always take priority.

With this in mind, all outside time commitments require prior consultation and approval of the Residence Education Coordinator, including mid-year additions and/or changes. It is the responsibility of the Resident Advisor to seek approval before agreeing to any outside time commitments. The following are some of the limits that are placed on outside time commitments:

  • Resident Advisors may not have any additional employment on or off campus outside of the RA position during the academic semester.
  • Because of the significant time conflict and the potential for conflict of interest, Resident Advisors are not permitted to hold the following positions: SGA President, CAB President, CAB Vice President, CAB Treasurer, CAB VP of Marketing, Orientation Counselors, UTOP Mentors, & SAFE Mentors. This list is not inclusive and other positions will be added as deemed necessary.
  • Because of the significant time commitment, Resident Advisors who participate in recruitment/intake to a social/service/academic sorority or fraternity, campus theater productions, or leadership roles within organizations must inform their Residence Education Coordinator and the appropriate Assistant Director. 
  • If you have concurrent leadership positions (such as a Standards related position within a Greek Organization), please reach out to your advisor as well as Housing and Residence Life at you would like to discuss the potential conflict of interest. 
  • RAs may not hold additional paid jobs during the academic semesters unless they are credit-bearing and required for your academic program. If they are credit-bearing and required by your academic program, you may be approved to participate, but your experiential learning cannot exceed 18 hours/week for off-campus positions or 9 hours/week for on-campus positions due to HR guidelines.



  • Develop key leadership skills that employers are seeking
  • Learn teamwork skills through event planning and support
  • Learn how to respond and manage crises
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn how to effectively mediate conflict 
  • Gain experience working with a diverse group of people


  • Credit for the full cost of your academic year housing. This includes cable and internet/WiFi. Credit will be placed on your account based on the rates for the housing you are assigned to.
  • $4,000 stipend for full Academic Year employment (appointed through Human Resources. Stipend will be divided into semi-monthly paychecks based on the university payroll schedule)
    • These amounts are prorated if you are hired after the semester move-in date or vacate the position before the end of the work agreement.
    • RAs may be responsible for meal plan requirements based on Auxiliary services guidelines.

Occasionally, the compensation received by RAs has an impact on financial aid. As such, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with your financial aid status and contact Niner Central if you have questions. Niner Central is located at 380 Cone Center and can be reached by telephone at 704-687-8622.

Candidates should review UNC Charlotte PIM 15. For more information related to Student Employment policies related to compensation, pay status, and FICA taxes. 

You are also expected to complete your housing contract and pay the application fee if an RA employment offer is extended to you. You will not be permitted to start until this deposit has been paid. Residents who currently reside on campus and have completed return to campus living are not expected to pay the application fee.

Should you have any questions about the RA Selection process or experience difficulties scheduling your interviews, please let us know. We are happy to help along the way and wish you the best of luck as you embark on this journey.

If you have specific questions about the RA Selection process, please contact