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A new student shown smiling in front of dorm room desk

New Students

Welcome, Future Residents!

We are glad you decided to apply to live on campus! The following information outlines the process related to completing your online application.

Before you begin the online application process, take a few minutes to review the information below so you are aware how to apply, how to use the system with your NinerNET credentials and how to check your application status or assignment.

Application Details

To apply for on campus housing, you must complete the basic application and submit a $100 nonrefundable housing application fee. On your application, you will:

  • Select your housing preferences
  • Identify preferred roommates
  • Select your meal plan
  • Provide emergency contact information
  • Digitally signing the Contract for Residential Services
  • Provide Parent/Guardian form (if applicable)
  • Pay $100 nonrefundable housing application fee

Application Preparations

Before you begin your application, we recommend you gather all the information you’ll need so you can complete the application quickly and easily.

  • Review your housing options to determine which building and room type you prefer. You will be required to list at least eight different preferences.
  • Make sure you have your preferred roommate(s)’s full name(s) and student identification numbers, if applicable.
  • Review the various meal plan options available to you.

Apply for Housing

Log in to the Online Housing System using your NinerNET credentials. You will see your name on the welcome page when you’ve logged in. Review the instructions at the top of the welcome page, then select “Click Here to Apply” next to the application of your choice. Please make sure you read the application instructions located at the top of each page of the application and use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to move through the application. Remember, your application is not complete until you submit your $100 nonrefundable housing application fee.

You can log back in to the Online Housing System to view your application. 


If you need help applying or would like to speak to a housing representative, contact us at:

P: 704-687-7501  |  E:   |  SOCIAL: FacebookTwitterInstagram