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The Assignment Process

The Assignments Office matches your application with available residence hall spaces on campus. Please read the details and the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract to further understand what to expect from the assignments process.

If you have any questions that aren't answered by our site, please feel free to contact us.

The Assignment Process

Housing assignments are made and communicated:

  • for Spring-Only Housing: continuously, starting in November
  • for Fall-Spring Housing (for new students/applicants): continuously, starting in April
  • for Fall/School-Year Housing (for returning residents): during the Return to Campus Living campaign
  • for Summer Housing: starting in March

As students cancel housing or are moved to other buildings on campus, we make additional assignments. Students who have not yet received their assignment can check with the Assignments Office. Students are always welcome to use our Online Housing System to check the status of their application, view assignments that have been made and get information about their roommate(s), if any.

Housing assignments for incoming freshmen and transfer students are made according to the date that the Contract for Residential Services (or Online Housing Application) and deposit were received (the later of the two is used in the assignments process, as an application is not complete until both parts are received in our offices), using the spaces available after returning student placements are made.

Returning residents go through a re-application period called Return to Campus Living. During that period, returning residents are given priority in obtaining housing on campus.

If you are interested in changing your current housing assignment for fall, we will offer online assignment changes from Monday, May 2, to Monday, August 1, on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m only. You must first be assigned a space before you can attempt to change it.

REMEMBER - this assignment change process is first come, first served and solely dependent upon available space at the time you run the process. Our room inventory changes frequently, but the larger the roommate group the fewer options exist. 

If you are only changing your assignment, simply log into your housing account via the Online Housing System. Once you are logged in, click on:

  • View or Change Room Assignments and Roommate Group
  • Then click on Individual Assignment Change for Fall 2022 - Spring 2023
  • Follow screen prompts to search by desired room type.
  • Select and lock desired space.
  • You will receive a confirmation message once you have successfully completed the assignment change process.
  • You will also receive an email acknowledging that you have completed an online assignment change.

If you are changing your assignment AND the assignments of others in a roommate group, you must first ensure that your roommate group is up to date (reflects any additions or removals). This must be done BEFORE you attempt to change your assignment and the assignments of those in your roommate group. Once you have logged into your housing account via the Online Housing System, click on:

  • View or Change Room Assignments and Roommate Group
  • Then click on Assignment Change with Roommate Pull-in for Fall 2022 - Spring 2023.
  • You will then have to confirm the roommates in your roommate group.
  • After confirmation of your roommate group, you will see any available spaces that can accommodate you and your roommate group. 
  • Select spaces from available options OR attempt the change at a later time.
  • NOTE - if there are no spaces available to accommodate your group, you will receive the message “There are no rooms available for your group’s assignment change.”

Those seeking assignment changes into any special reserved spaces (i.e. Sororities in Greek Village, Honors, Niner Pets, ROTC, Graduate/Post-Traditional, Transfer, Gender Affirming or International Program) must contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at 704-687-7501 as online assignment changes are not possible for these spaces.

Available spaces change frequently during the summer so feel free to check online weekly.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 704-687-7501 or email us at

Remote video URL

During the first two weeks of each semester, we verify the assignment status and occupancy of each student in our residence halls. This process allows us to verify that each student in a room, has been assigned there and that our records are correct and current, in case of emergency or other need. During this process, we "freeze" the room change process. No room changes may occur during this period.

Residents who do not like their room assignment may use the room change period, to move to another space on campus, if one is available. The room change period takes place once every semester. 

Students are encouraged to monitor their UNC Charlotte email account for more information and to periodically visit the home page for details about the room change period.