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Phase V Elm, Oak, Pine - Pine Hall - Opened 1987, Capacity: 96, Renovated 2017, 3 Floors, East Village

Pine Hall

Pine Hall, which was renovated in 2017, offers a community of apartments for residents who are ready for a more independent lifestyle. Apartments in Pine have four private bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a private washer and dryer. Depending on the unit, residents will enjoy a balcony/terrace or additional living room space. In addition to completely renovated apartments, residents also have access to a renovated community lounge, study space and gaming area in Maple Hall.

Hall Details

Building Size: Small (less than 100)

Location: East Village

Loan Key Desk: Martin Hall

Abbreviation: PI

Community Type:
  • Graduate/Post-Traditional Student Housing
Office Phone Number: 704-687-0911

On Campus Address:
Resident's Name
Pine Hall, Room #
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

Hall Images


    • Cable TV
    • Community Lounges
    • Elevator(s)
    • Gaming Area
    • Internet & WiFi
    • Outdoor Patio Space
    • Vending Machines

Hall Staff

photo of Victoria Simone smiling
Tori Simone
Residence Education Coordinator
Oak Hall
Virtual Tour

Room Types

Bedroom Dimensions: 8' x 11'
*NOTICE: the provided room dimensions are approximations only. Room dimensions vary from location to location so it is not possible for us to provide exact specifications for every room on campus.

Bedroom Furnishings

Icon of a 3 Drawer Dresser
3 Drawer Dresser
Icon of a Bed which shows it can be raised or lowered.
Bed (can be raised)
Icon of a Desk
Desk & Chair
Icon of a XL Twin Mattress
Twin XL Mattress (36" by 80")
Icon of a Wardrobe

Shared Space Furnishings

Icon of a Bar Stool
3 Bar Stools
Coffee Table Icon
Coffee Table
Icon of a Full Size Refrigerator
Full Size Fridge
Icon of a Microwave
Icon of a Washer and Dryer
Private Washer and Dryer
Icon of a Sofa
Icon of a Stove Top and Oven
Stove Top and Oven
Icon of a TV Stand
TV Stand

Furniture Dimensions

  • Sofa: 86" X 36" X 26"
  • Coffee table: 48" X 24" X 18"
  • TV stand: 42" X 18" X 32"
  • Bar stools: 18" X 17" X 45"
  • Desk: 42" X 24.5" X 30"
  • Dresser: 29.5" X 24.5" X 30"
  • Wardrobe: 42" X 24" X 72"
  • Mattress: Twin XL (36" X 80")
  • Bed frame: 86" X 38"
    • Adjustable bed heights: at their lowest setting, the bottom of the springs is 8" off floor. The top of the mattress is 17 1/2"; at their highest setting, the bottom of the springs is 33" off the floor. The top of the mattress is 42 1/2".