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Frequently Asked Questions


Applying for Housing

What can I find on the Online Housing System?
By logging in to the Online Housing System, you can update your application and preferences, pay your $100 non-refundable housing application processing fee, check your application status and view your assignment and roommates.

How do I pay my housing application fee?
You can pay your $100 non-refundable housing application processing fee when you fill out your housing application by using the Pay Housing Application Fee link within the Online Housing  System you can mail a check or money order. Additional information about housing application fee can be found here

How do I know if my application is complete?
You can log into the Online Housing System to access this information.

How do I create a roommate group?
You can create a roommate group while completing your housing application via the Online Housing System

In order to create a roommate group, you will need to know your preferred roommate’s UNC Charlotte student ID number. The leader of the group may invite one preferred roommate to join the group. That preferred roommate will receive an invitation via email and they must accept the invitation within the housing application to join the group.

A roommate group must be created before you and your roommate are assigned to maximize your chances of being placed together. Please note that roommate groups are not guaranteed as they are dependent on space available. 

NOTE: Only one student needs to create a roommate group in the Online Housing System by following the steps above. If you are not the student creating the roommate group, you must accept the roommate group invitation sent to you by your preferred roommate. Roommate groups have to be created before assignments are made and are limited to 2 people. Both students must also be new students in order to live together.

Why are roommate groups limited to 2 people?
To ensure fairness and maximize available space, roommate groups are limited to 2 students. While some spaces, like suites, can accommodate 2-4 students, placement is subject to availability. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for roommate groups of 3 or 4, regardless of room preferences or assignments. 

If we have a roommate group of 2 people, but we’re assigned to a suite designed for 3 or 4 people, will our other roommates be assigned randomly? 
Yes – while many of our suites are designed to accommodate 3-4 students, because roommate groups are limited to 2 people, the remaining roommates in a suite will be assigned randomly. 

I have differing abilities or special needs. How do I let Housing know about this?
We work in coordination with the Disability Services Office to provide accommodations to any resident with differing abilities or special needs.

How do I change my meal plan?
As part of the housing application, you will be required to select a meal plan option. You can review the various meal plan options available to you.

First-year students living on campus will be assigned The Daily Plan and may not request a change. Meal plan options are based on student type as determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (first-year or upper class), not based on number of credit hours.

Is housing guaranteed? 
No, we do not guarantee housing for any student, new or returning. Applying early provides the best opportunity for new incoming students to be assigned for their first-year. Space is more limited for returning students. Most returning students live off-campus for the majority of their UNC Charlotte experience.

Is housing full?
It depends:

  • If you are a first-year student, new transfer or new international student, we are currently accepting applications, the earlier you apply the better your chances are of securing an on-campus assignment. Please continue to check the HRL website for housing availability updates.
  • If you are a returning or continuing student, we are currently at full capacity. NOTE: Returning residents are given an opportunity to select space for the upcoming academic year during the spring semester. Please know that space is very limited for returning students and housing is not guaranteed. 
  • To support the success of incoming students, we prioritize applications from entering first time in college (FTIC) students, new transfer and new international students, and then continuing students if available space allows. 

How do I cancel my housing contract?
To request cancellation of your housing contract, you must log into the Online Housing System and submit a Housing Cancellation Request. Please keep your contract housing cancellation deadlines and the applicable financial obligations in mind.


How do I know if I have been assigned?
You can log into the Online Housing System to access this information.

How do I determine my room assignment?
Are you confused by the letters and numbers that comprise your housing assignment? If so, decoding your room assignment information should help!

Why didn’t I get assigned to one of my preferences?
When filling out your housing application you are asked to include 8 preferences for your room assignment. We use your preferences as a guide and will do our best to assign you to a space aligning with your preferences. Please keep in mind that preferences are NOT guarantees (or choices) but are used for placement when requested space is available. If requested room types are not available at the time you are being assigned, you are placed in another available space.

In addition, assignments are made according to a combination of factors including space availability, date of completed application, roommate requests and building/room preferences. 

How do I get in contact with my roommate?
To reach out to your roommate you can log into the Online Housing System and select View or Change Room Assignments and Roommate Groups. There you will see your room/roommate information.

Is the price listed for my room assignment for the whole year, or by semester?The room rate displayed is per semester. To calculate the yearly cost, multiply the rate by 2.

How can I change my assignment?
If you are interested in changing your current housing assignment for fall, we hope to hold an assignment change process in late spring, but that will be dependent on space availability. Please watch your email for more information. 

In addition, after move in, residents who do not like their room assignment may use the room change period to move to another space on campus, if one is available. The room change period takes place once every semester. Students are encouraged to monitor their UNC Charlotte email account for more information and to periodically visit our home page for details about the room change period.

How do you decide who is given priority?
To support the success of incoming students, we will prioritize applications from entering first time in college (FTIC) students, new transfer and international students, and then continuing students as available space allows.

How do I appeal a housing/dining charge?
To appeal a decision relating to refunds of fees for dining, housing and related services and/or housing application fee, a student must submit an online Tuition, Housing and Dining Appeals. Appeals for housing and meal plan charges must be submitted no later than twelve (12) months after the posting date of the charge on the students account. For more information about the appeals process, visit the Tuition, Housing and Dining Appeals webpage.


How can I find out information about move in?
Check our Move-In Guide! The Move-In Guide includes driving and parking directions, move-in day tips and a packing list.

What should I bring to campus when I move in?
We provide a packing list and a list of prohibited items in our Move-In Guide.

What can I do to my room to personalize it?
We encourage our residents to make their living spaces their own. This is where you will most likely sleep, eat, study, and play during the coming months! Learn more about your room here

Can I tour my residence hall before I move in?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer tours in all of our residence halls during orientation due to summer camps, conferences, housing, intern programs, orientations, or renovations. 

For more information about your tour options, visit our website. You can also find photos and virtual tours of all our halls on our website.

Life in the Halls

What happens if I get locked out?
Don’t panic! Our loan key desks are here for that exact situation. Learn more about requesting a loan or replacement key here.

What are the safety measures / precautions in the residence halls?
Within the residence halls, we have Security Guards who staff most of our buildings overnight. They work very closely with UNC Charlotte Police who are on campus 24/7. Additionally, the exterior doors of the residence halls are locked (accessible only by card swipe for those assigned to each hall as well as our own staff). The halls are equipped with security cameras (at entrances and most elevators) as well as sprinklers/fire alarm systems. We also have Housing staff on call 24/7 to help with emergencies. 

Who can I ask for help in my residence hall?
Each of our residence halls are staffed with a variety of full-time and student team members that support our residents:

  • Resident Advisors (RA) are specially selected and trained upper-level students who live on your floor in your building. They facilitate a sense of community by helping residents meet one another, planning activities, ensuring that community standards are followed and serving as a resource for students as they navigate university life. RAs are students’ primary resource for campus information and assistance.
  • Residence Education Coordinators (REC) are full-time professional staff members who live in the residence communities and are responsible for the educational and operational functions of the living area. They oversee the community, supervise the staff, administer departmental and university policy and assist students with concerns. 
  • Graduate Hall Advisor (GHA) are students in UNC Charlotte graduate degree programs who help to supervise the RAs, facilitate events and activities, assist students with concerns and participate in the overall community operations.

Are overnight guests permitted in the residence halls?
Student guests and visitors are permitted in university-provided housing 24 hours/day, 7 days/week unless otherwise noted. Guests are expected to adhere to all Housing and University policies. Resident students may be held accountable for all actions of their hosted guests, and guests may be asked to leave the residential living facility by any staff member and/or be trespassed from campus by Police and Public Safety for violation of Housing or University policies. More information regarding Guests/Visitation policies and other Residence Hall guidelines can be found in your Resident Handbook.

What is the smoking policy in the Residence Halls?
All areas in UNC Charlotte's residential facilities are designated smoke free spaces. This includes all areas within tower rooms, suites, and apartments as well as public areas, such as lobbies, stairwells, fire escapes, elevators, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, and floor and building lounges. All persons at the University share the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing the smoking policy. Learn more about our policies in the Resident Handbook

What utilities am I responsible for in the Residence Halls?
When you live on campus you do not have to worry about any utility bills! Everything is included in your housing bill. You receive local telephone service, electricity, water, internet, and cable services. Learn more here.

What size is the mattress on the bed in my room?
Most of our mattresses are Twin XL (36" wide by 80" long). When you purchase your sheets, check the packaging to find the length of the fitted sheet. Greek Village has double mattresses (53" wide by 80" long). Mattress covers are not provided for beds. You may consider purchasing your own cover since they can be helpful in preventing stain damage to the mattresses. Staining can result in a damage charge being applied to the student's account on check out. Learn more about our Services and Amenities, including linens, here.

What happens if there are roommate issues/conflicts?
Transitioning to college and living on-campus is a new and potentially challenging experience, and we're here to support you. Each residence hall has Resident Advisors who serve as mentors and assist with conflict resolution. Additionally, there are full-time staff members, known as Residence Education Coordinators (RECs), available in every residence hall to help with escalated issues. 

Within the first few days after moving into your new housing assignment, you can expect your RA to stop by and talk about setting up a roommate agreement. A roommate agreement starts with you and your roommate(s) sitting down to learn more about each other's daily routines, to set cleaning schedules, and to create a general baseline of expectations within the space. 

You can also find information about building a successful roommate relationship on our website

After reviewing these FAQs, if you still have any questions, give us a call at 704-687-7501 or email us at