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Welcome & Purpose

On behalf of Housing & Residence Life at UNC Charlotte, we would like to extend you our warmest Niner Welcome to the Greek Village Resources webpage. With so many people supporting our Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations, this page is not just for advisors, but for all who may need it. If there is a resource that you cannot find or need additional information about, please feel free to contact the staff highlighted below. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to serving our Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations! 

photo of Nadaja Womack smiling

Residence Education Coordinator 

Nadaja Patterson,

Photo of Colby Englund

Assistant Director for Staff and Student Programs 

Colby Englund,

Role Clarifications

The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life is responsible for all of the Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations, whether they have a house on campus or not. And while there are many different people who support the Fraternity & Sorority Life experience, the same is true for the On-Campus Living experience. The information below is meant to provide context about Housing and Residence Life (HRL) staff and what we do to serve our students! 

Housing & Residence Life staff are here to serve both the students who reside in a Greek Village house as well as those who have a supporting role with the affiliated organizations. Questions, concerns, and feedback about your organization’s house should be directed to the HRL staff.

Resident Advisors (RAs)

Resident Advisors are the student staff who live in the house with each organization. There is one RA allocated to each house and they are responsible for carrying out the mission of the department by assisting with the development of the community in their assigned house. The RA position has a variety of responsibilities including, but not limited to, role model, community leader, educator, administrator, helper, and team member. A key part of the RA role is ensuring the safety of the residents, which includes maintaining confidentiality and privacy in accordance with FERPA, other laws, and university policies. 

During the RA Recruitment & Selection process, HRL works very hard to ensure that Greek Village houses are allocated RAs who are affiliated with their respective organization. However, there are instances where this may not always be possible. We will not put an affiliated RA in a house of a different organization, but it is possible that an unaffiliated RA will be placed in an affiliated house. We want to acknowledge the preference of only having affiliated members live in the house, including HRL student staff, but are also mindful of the difficulties student staff must navigate due to the intersection of organizational membership and HRL employment.

Residence Education Coordinator (REC)

The Residence Education Coordinator is a full-time, live-in professional staff member. The Greek Village REC lives in House 14 behind the Greek Village Main Office. The main responsibilities of the REC include staff supervision and development, residential education, implementation of the residential curriculum, community development, crisis management, administration and building management, student conduct, facilitation of the leadership workshop series, summer operations, and other departmental/university-wide responsibilities. 

For advisors and other non-residential student organizational support, the Greek Village REC is the main point of contact for your organization’s house needs. As the professional staff member for Greek Village, any concerns, feedback, or questions should be directed to the REC. 

Much like our student staff, when recruiting and selecting the REC for Greek Village, fraternity/sorority affiliation is not a deciding factor for their placement. However, the Greek Village REC does work closely with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life to understand the inner workings of the organizations relevant to the work done in Housing & Residence Life.  


Keys & Access Expectations 

  • Advisor Keys - Each organization will have access to advisor keys that can be issued annually by the REC. Each summer, organizations will receive an email to request the drop off of each key. HRL will update the key to ensure access is correctly updated and keys are not lost. 
  • If an organization loses its keys, the organization is responsible for the cost of the missing keys.

What doors do advisor keys unlock?

  • Advisor Keys provide access to the front and back doors of the house, as well as the closets and office spaces.

My advisor key doesn’t work, what do I do? 

  • If your key no longer works, please contact the Greek Village REC to schedule a time to drop off your key to the Greek Village office. Please note that we have about a 5-7 business day processing window for our Lockshop to service the keys. There may be times of year where this process takes longer than expected.

Why am I being asked to return my key each year by May 30th?

  • Our Lockshop needs to perform regular maintenance on all of our keys each year to ensure that they are properly working. We have been asked to have keys turned in each year by May 30th to allow for a timely nature of these updates. You will be contacted as soon as your key is ready to be picked up. 
  • Our goal each year is to have keys ready by the beginning of August, but please understand that this timeframe may need to be adjusted due to a variety of reasons. Please note that you will be contacted as soon as your advisor key is ready to be picked up.

Empty Spaces

  • What happens if my organization cannot fill every bed space?
    • While it is important to fill the bed spaces in the house, not meeting the expectations laid out in your organization’s terms of participation may result in additional financial obligations for the organization. For specific information, please refer to your organization’s most updated terms of participation.

Greek House Fee

  • I do not live in the house, why am I being charged a fee?
    • Members of organizations with a house in Greek Village are charged a “House Fee” to their account to utilize the house spaces. For more specific information, please refer to your organization’s most updated terms of participation.

I currently live in the house but am planning to move out. What do I need to do?

  • If you have a current housing assignment in Greek Village and plan to leave prior to the end of the semester, you will need to inform your RA and the Greek Village REC that you are planning to leave the house. Each person’s situation is unique and is handled as such. Please speak directly with the Greek Village REC about how moving out of the house will impact your individual and organization’s financial obligations.

I am no longer a member of the organization, why am I being charged a house fee still?

  • When you decide to no longer be a member of your organization, please ensure that you are contacting the President of your organization and the Officer of Fraternity & Sorority Life to ensure that your name is taken off of any and all rosters to avoid incurring any fees related to organization affiliation.

How do we know where everyone is going to live in our house?

  • FSL organizations with a house in Greek Village are responsible for submitting their assignment  rosters with housing placements during the summer to the Greek Village REC. It is preferred that rosters are sent no later than July 1 to ensure adequate time for our office to place students in our system. 

The assignment roster we sent is no longer accurate, what do we do? 

  • Please submit an updated roster to the Greek Village REC as soon as possible to avoid any conflict.

A member of our organization has not been placed into our house, why is this?

  • Multiple things could be the cause for a member not being placed in their house. In order to be assigned to a Greek Village house, a student must:
    • Be a member of the organization
    • Have a completed housing application (including having paid their housing deposit)
    • Selected the appropriate Greek Village house
  • If one (or more) of the above has not been done, the student will not be placed into the house. For more information, please contact the Housing & Residence Life Assignments Team.
  • Our Greek Village Facilities Team has installed pulley systems on all of the sorority affiliated houses in an effort to make it convenient for the Sororities to hoist banners in front of the host. 
  • Per our Department of Environmental Health Safety partners, The banners need to be hoisted high enough so that the number on the house can be seen visibly. This is to ensure that in the event of an emergency situation, emergency responders can clearly see the house number to respond appropriately.

Painting Outdoors

  • We ask that any activities that require painting outdoors be done with a tarp laid down prior to painting. This is to ensure that the paint does not stain the sidewalks or grass.

Maintenance Issues

  • If there are maintenance issues that take place in the house, we ask that residents of the house submit a maintenance request to have those issues addressed as quickly as possible.

Each organization is responsible for encouraging its members to engage in the Resident Advisor recruitment and selection process each year. We will work in partnership with the organization to prioritize the hiring of an affiliated RA as long as each affiliated candidate is successful through our standard hiring practices. If an organization does not have an affiliated candidate that successfully completes the hiring process, HRL will identify an unaffiliated candidate who will serve as an RA in the house.