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Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2022 Expanded University Housing

Disclaimer: The following information only applies to students who completed their housing application by the June 1 Priority Housing Deadline and are assigned to expanded University housing. You can find additional information about the availability of housing for Fall 2022 here


Can I elect to cancel my contract and receive a refund?
Yes, as a student in expanded University housing, you may still cancel your contract without any financial obligation through August 16, 2022. Once the annual housing contract begins on August 17, 2022, you will be subject to the standard cancellation financial obligations.

How were residents chosen for on campus vs. expanded housing?
Assignments were based on the date of completed applications, beginning with first-year students, followed by transfer students and then continuing students.

Am I able to choose between the apartment or hotel option? Can I choose my roommates?
Unfortunately, we are unable to honor individual preferences for a specific type of expanded housing assignment or roommate preferences.

How many roommates will I have? 
Students assigned to hotel space will have 1 roommate who is a UNC Charlotte student and students assigned to apartment space will have 3 roommates who are UNC Charlotte students. 

Will I be charged more for being put in a hotel or in an apartment than living on campus?
No, you will not be charged more for temporary accommodations than you would be for on-campus residence hall accommodations. You will be charged the rate equal to the semester cost of a traditional double room- the lowest room rate available on campus*. 

*unless you have been assigned to Maple Hall, in which case you will be charged equal to the semester cost of an equivalent on-campus apartment space.


Am I required to have a meal plan? 
No, because of your extended housing assignment, you are not required to purchase a meal plan for the start of the semester. If you selected a meal plan while completing your housing application, it will be removed from your account. However, if you desire a meal plan, you are welcome to purchase any one you like prior to the selection deadline of Friday, Sept. 9, 2022, at noon.

Please note: When you transition to on-campus housing, the standard meal plan policies will apply and you may be required to have one, depending on your class year and the residence hall in which you live.

Once students move into on-campus housing, the standard meal plan policies will apply:

  • First-year students will automatically be enrolled in The Daily Plan at a prorated rate determined by their on-campus move-in date. If a different meal plan was purchased prior to moving on campus, the student will receive a prorated refund for the “board” portion of their plan and retain their unused Declining Balance. If an all Declining Balance plan was purchased, the student will retain the unused portion of their Declining Balance.
  • Upperclass students assigned to housing WITH a required meal plan will have 5 business days to select either The Daily Plan, 160 or 100 Block Plan at a prorated rate determined by their on-campus move in date. If the 160 or 100 Block Plan or Daily Plan was purchased prior to moving on campus, the student will not be required to select a new plan. If an all Declining Balance plan was purchased, the student will retain the unused portion of their Declining Balance and must select either the prorated Daily Plan, prorated 160 Block Plan or prorated 100 Block Plan. If no plan is selected, the 100 Block Plan will be assigned. This includes residents in Sanford, Scott, and suites in Belk, Hawthorn, Holshouser, Hunt, Laurel, Levine, Lynch, Miltimore, Oak, Wallis, Witherspoon, Cedar and Hickory Halls.
  • Upperclass students assigned to housing WITHOUT a required meal plan will not be required to purchase a meal plan once in on-campus housing.  This includes residents in Belk, Elm, Levine, Martin, Miltimore, Pine, Wallis and Witherspoon Halls and Greek Village.

Will I need a campus parking pass? 
Yes. Every faculty/staff member and student who parks on campus must have a permit to do so. While parking at your assigned expanded housing (hotel or apartment) is included in your housing rate, on-campus parking is not included. Please visit PaTS for more information about on-campus permit options.

Will the University provide transportation to campus?
Daily Niner Transit shuttle service (The Purple Route) will be provided to and from the hotels beginning Saturday, August 20. 

The Purple Route Schedule:

  • Weekdays: 7:30 a.m. - 10 p.m. 
  • Weekends: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. 
  • *operating on 30-minute loops, visible on Passio Go app

The shuttle will operate in a continuous service model on half-hour intervals. The driver will be instructed to depart Holiday Inn each half-hour (7:30 a.m., 8 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 9 a.m.).


  • Holiday Inn Charlotte University
  • Sonesta Select Charlotte University Research Park
  • South Village Deck
  • Fretwell North
  • Student Union West
  • -REPEAT-

The shuttle schedule may be revised over time based on rider usage.

What will my access to food be in a hotel? 
There is daily access to food and some convenience items at your expense. Please visit your assigned hotel’s website for more information. We recommend that you dine on campus using a meal plan or an optional dining account.

Will the hotel rooms have a refrigerator and microwave?
Yes, all rooms have a microwave and a mini fridge.

Will the hotels provide daily housekeeping?
Hotel rooms will receive housekeeping at least once per week. However, additional towels and bed linens may be requested as needed. 

How can I do laundry? 
Free laundry services will be provided on campus in Scott Hall (located in the basement of the building). You may also utilize services offered by your assigned hotel or the WashRoom Laundry service on campus at your own expense.

How can I receive mail/packages while assigned to expanded University housing? 
While you are assigned to expanded University housing, your room assignment is technically in Moore Hall (the hall currently under construction) in our Online Housing System. Until you have a permanent assignment, you can have your mail/packages sent to campus and Mail & Package Services will send you an email letting you know that your mail/packages are ready for pickup, just as they do for every other resident. 

While you are assigned to expanded University housing address your mail/packages as follows (you can find your Moore Hall room number in the Online Housing System):

    Resident Name
    Moore Hall, Room Number
    9201 University City Boulevard
    Charlotte, NC 28223

Will I need to supply my own furniture? 
No, standard furniture is included in your hotel room or apartment bedroom (bed, dresser, desk, chair, wardrobe/closet).

Will I need to supply my own linens/towels? 

  • Hotel residents: the hotels are providing linens and towels. However, if you choose to bring your own linens, the beds are queen size.
  • The Edge residents: you will need to bring your own linens and towels. The beds are full size, XL bedding (queen size will also work). You can find a detailed packing list for The Edge below. 

Are pets allowed in my temporary assignment?
No, pets are not permitted in the temporary hotel and apartment spaces assigned to UNC Charlotte students.

Am I allowed to personalize my room in the hotel?
Yes, you may bring your own decorations to make your room feel more comfortable (picture frames, blankets, decorative pillows, etc.), but you cannot hang anything on the walls that may cause damage. You will be responsible for any incidental charges you incur at the hotel including damages.

Expanded Housing Support

Will there be RAs present? 
Yes, there will be Resident Advisors at the expanded housing locations. 

Will there be programming to ensure I get to know my fellow students? 
Yes, HRL staff will oversee programming for all residential students in expanded housing. 

Who should I contact for an emergency — Campus Police or 911?
If you are in an expanded housing location, you should call 911 for an emergency. 

The Edge Packing List

In order to prepare for your stay at The Edge, here is a specific packing list:

  • Full size, XL bedding (queen size will also work)
  • Shower curtains and hooks
  • Kitchen trash can
  • Bathroom/bedroom trashcan 
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Bath towels
  • Kitchen towels
  • Kitchen supplies (plates, bowls, flatware, etc.)
  • Laundry detergent
  • Cleaning supplies

Note: we will continue to add to this page in the days ahead, so please check back for updated information.